The Real Cause Of Your Dis-Ease

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The Real Cause Of Your Dis-Ease

Discover How Your Emotional Baggage May Be Sabotaging Your Health, And What To Do About It

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What will you learn from Brandon?

 Discover How Your Emotional Baggage May Be Sabotaging Your Health, And What To Do About It

What is this Life Transformation Method called The Journey?

The Journey Method is a globally recognised mind-body healing methodology that has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world to heal and deeply transform their lives.

It works fast by using uniquely potent mind-body healing techniques to access your body’s infinite healing wisdom and apply it to the real issues that cause you pain in life.

It works on the real root causes of your life issues and can be used for all kinds of physical ailments, emotional and behavioural issues, depression, undermining habits and addictions etc.

Recognised by the TOP experts in the world: Dr Deepak Chopra, peak performance strategist Anthony Robbins, relationship counselor John Gray and others.

In this Broadcast you will discover:

  • How suppressing or avoiding your natural emotional responses can affect your health?
  • How emotions are connected to emotional and physical dis-ease?
  • How you can access emotions that are trapped in your body and how to know whether you have trapped emotions?
  • Which powerful exercise can you use immediately to turn back to harmonious balance?

See What Others In Our Community Have Had To Say...

"Namaste and thank you Brandon for the deep clearing this morning. Yes, with all the lampshades off, we can be more energy efficient."

- Reeta R. from India

"Thank you for this great opportunity! Still have tears in my eyes and the feeling of being free from inner judgement. Looking forward to working with you again!"

Aqua B.K. from US

"Thank you so much. This was my first time and it touched me deeply."

- Zephyr from Russia  

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And discover how your Emotional Baggage may be sabotaging Your Health, and what to do about it. 

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What is Brandon Bays LIVE all about?

Brandon Bays LIVE is a FREE online event, hosted quarterly by Brandon Bays, founder of The Journey. This LIVE event is designed to bring people together from all over the world to experience transformational mind-body healing techniques for emotional and physical healing that anyone can use.  

Most people don't want to hear that their pain might be emotionally based, but there’s more and more evidence to prove exactly this. The pain we experience in life can be caused by many different factors, and to deal with it effectively we need to address it emotionally as well as physiologically.  

More and more scientists and doctors now agree that almost any kind of pain can be overcome with this new approach, one that acknowledges its emotional roots. This is exactly what you'll personally experience in this 60-minute FREE event.  

 Are you ready to broaden your horizon and learn how to live an even more fulfilling and healthier life?  

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